Indigenous Partnerships that Deliver

The ROGA Group has a dedicated team working on establishing and maintaining relationships with First Nations throughout the province. Our community building mission includes building equity, and an unwavering focus on building stronger communities.

MISSION: To create value for our diverse group of stakeholders and their communities through innovative social, economic, and environmental practices in natural resources development and construction. 

ROGA's 20-year long incorporated partnership with Lheidli T'enneh has resulted in Lheidli now wholly owning a successful and self-sustaining logging company that is one of the largest in the Prince George TSA (LTN Contracting Ltd.). This experience has led us to establish Kyah Resources Inc., an incorporated partnership between the ROGA Group and Witset First Nation. Today, Kyah Resources is the major local industry employer and an Indigenous-owned forestry and civil construction success.

ROGA employs full time Community Relations staff to ensure community wants and needs are looked after. Regular reporting, regular meetings, and full transparency with processes and project work being completed are necessary to success. Roga's Community Relations team has orchestrated job fairs, onboarded new employees, and generally developed the tools that work to keep communities informed and involved.

ROGA's workforce has traditionally been around 40% indigenous, including various members of the management team and ownership. This is the result  of a strong corporate philosophy in action. 



We are proud to be on the right side of history and happy that our employees are able take part in the resource economy close to home.