ROGA Contracting Ltd.

ROGA Contracting Ltd. operates in the forestry and civil construction industries. 

ROGA Contracting Ltd. is the hub for ROGA Group activities. While each company in the ROGA Group owns equipment and has its own employees, ROGA Contracting is the company backstopping these entities with working capital, excess equipment needs, excess employment needs, and management expertise. 

During a typical year the ROGA Group will:

  • harvest more than 1.5 million cubic metres of timber;
  • build in excess of 50 km of forestry road (including culvert and bridge installation);
  • move 200+ tonnes of dirt and gravel; 
  • return more than $60 million to stakeholder communities through wage and subcontracting opportunities; and
  • employ a workforce that is 40% indigenous overall. 

ROGA Contracting itself is 100% indigenous owned by Troy Young. ROGA Contracting's management team coordinates activities for the entire ROGA Group while also performing on ROGA Contracting's own replaceable harvesting contracts and construction projects.

ROGA Contracting holds harvesting agreements with Western Forest Products, Canadian Forest Products, Mosaic Forest Management, the Sinclar Group and others. ROGA Contracting owns approximately 150 pieces of equipment and employs 200+ people at any given time. ROGA has a mix of experienced and youthful operators, a strong and dedicated management team, strict maintenance programs, and various scalable coordinated work processes. ROGA Contracting can access equipment and people from its operations around the province to ensure expert services at competitive rates.



Heavy Civil & Roads - CGL
Heavy Civil & Roads - CGL

Size: $13 million
Duration: 2019 - 2020

Timber Harvesting & Delivery - Lakeland
Timber Harvesting & Delivery - Lakeland

Size: 350,000 m3 per year
Duration: Ongoing

Road Construction - MSJV
Road Construction - MSJV

Size: $92 million
Duration: 2019 - 2022