Corporate Contact List

Below you will find contact information for most of the ROGA Group's management team, as well as for key administrative functions (such as Accounts Payable). To submit a resume please visit our careers page on the drop down menu above. 

Troy Young

Dennis Callaghan
Chief Executive Officer

Sue Hagarty
Chief Financial Officer

Tanya Radu
Senior Corporate HSE Officer

Chad Chapple
Senior Pipeline & Construction Manager

Don Banasky
Coastal Operation Manager

Cheyenne Campbell
Engagement Team Lead

Marty Tazelaar
Controller - Harvesting

Dustin Basisky
Senior Project Manager

Mike Bowater
Project Manager

Gary King

Brian Lee
Senior Supervisor - A Wood Group

Stephanie Renwick
Controller - A Wood Group

Jason Platzer, RPF

James Loughton
Controller - Civil, Utility & Construction

Accounts Payable
Haylea Sauer

Jamie Jones
Senior Superintendent - Marwest

Sean Estabrook
COO - Coastal Operations

Tracy Sundborg
Assistant Controller

Mike Bayley
Chief Operating Officer - Interior

Vica Rus
Senior Accountant

Rogi Young
Senior Field Safety

Rod Shigeoka
Master Mechanic

Brian Dill
Project Manager

Terry Major
Master Mechanic - Coastal

Deana Crawford
Office Manager - Marwest

Grant Gairdner
Project Manager

Jason Naurocki
Corporate HSE Manager

Brad Dowhy
Senior Supervisor - Forestry

Scott Helton
Operations Manager - Industrial

Brandon King
Senior Supervisor - Forestry

Kevin Kyle
Superintendent - A Wood

Jessie-Ann MacArthur

Greg Reid
Estimating Manager

Michelle Murrell
Prince George Office Manager

Subcontractor Pay
Grace Gwama

Shirley Gyger
Senior Accountant